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  Nils 8daacbfa79 Update documentation and info files 1 year ago
  Nils ef054ef4af Update documentation and info files 1 year ago
  Nils 766cf2e69d add usefule links to the manuals index page 1 year ago
  Nils 267c7f12fc add it to resources 1 year ago
  Nils 9aedd6360e Prepare italian translation 1 year ago
  Nils 98c303b2cc update version number in docs 1 year ago
  Nils cafd2ab0b7 update version number 1 year ago
  Nils 613771fae4 Update documentation and info files 1 year ago
  Nils a8dacfeb71 update documentation and images 1 year ago
  Nils 3213ec5f3d Fix name of the whole project. Argodejo -> Agordejo 1 year ago
  Nils 7054e743a9 Update documentation and info files 1 year ago
  Nils d094ef6eb0 Update documentation and info files 1 year ago
  Nils 12e2d87a2f fix the fix 1 year ago
  Nils b0c10cdcf0 Fix trayicon hide show context menu 1 year ago
  Nils ad5235244d Do not assume icon DB is always right 1 year ago
  Nils d5920cf26c Build resources 1 year ago
  Nils 747b7ce861 filter out duplicate icon paths 1 year ago
  Nils d2e466f243 rename mixikeyboard to mamba 1 year ago
  Nils 9415dd7379 Select whole row in full launcher 1 year ago
  Nils af070e1e89 Protect against nullicons 1 year ago
  Nils ad5dd77f84 Changelog 1 year ago
  Nils 3dc53ff84c Also look in scalable 1 year ago
  Nils 402b7b531a Try to optimize caching speed by limiting to hicolor icons, for now 1 year ago
  Nils 1bde889d99 remove carla desktop file workaround. 1 year ago
  Nils 717598d777 remove progress message that prints out all desktop files :) 1 year ago
  Nils 2b26ed792d more log messages around findicons 1 year ago
  Nils cd0d3340bd delete old temp file 1 year ago
  Nils 61475b40cc Add user manual to control menu 1 year ago
  Nils 1662110c5d use relative path as unique session name 1 year ago
  Nils ff5c3bf684 Better icon routine 1 year ago
  Nils 8ad9dd1ff6 New module to find absolute icon paths without the help of qt. Thanks for nothing, qt 1 year ago
  Nils 68722c14ce remove debug print 1 year ago
  Nils 0d2141b3eb unlikely icon fallback, but it is one 1 year ago
  Nils 92cb80e338 Don't let very long path strings extend the main window 1 year ago
  Nils 66924d976c More program DB 1 year ago
  Nils e21beabd1f take out nsmd-proxy, nsm-data and jackpatch from quickview 1 year ago
  Nils 9c3454fa5a comments 1 year ago
  Nils eefd69aaa4 Print out executable PATH in log 1 year ago
  Nils 5a5034c1e6 remove ignoreing desktop settings. this is apparently the mystery crash. but it may kill program icons. 1 year ago
  Nils be75239fa9 Generate color-icon as placeholder even for prompt clients 1 year ago
  Nils a2cafbb1af Capture SIGINT Ctrl+C for a clean server exit through atexit 1 year ago
  Nils 200ae5a1d3 Try to find an icon even if program is not in DB 1 year ago
  Nils 02eef4fd16 only active resume client action when stopped 1 year ago
  Nils ad546321aa Attaching Argodejo to a running nsmd GUI, including --load-session, should work now. Maybe some corner cases, but this is a good basis for testing. FYI There is a known bug with our own nsm-data client that needs further work. 1 year ago
  Nils 9a72de4c58 Better error message and dialog box behaviour 1 year ago
  Nils 64ca2d274b workaround the workaround. original problem remaining 1 year ago
  Nils 0040142c69 don't set icon overlay when it would fail anyway. Just in case, fringe corner case 1 year ago
  Nils 84238728c7 More robust desktop discovery 1 year ago
  Nils 022f88bf53 add more programs to DB 1 year ago
  Nils 334e757962 Add carla-jack-single to DB 1 year ago