21 Commits (277ca6720f1fd86d362f46856e3e2477f80bdd63)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Nils 277ca6720f Startup autodetection of running sessions and option to connect to them 10 months ago
Nils 92876c046b Change --help text for new session dir 11 months ago
Nils 5f31497df9 2022 files 1 year ago
Nils 7b200c3f83 Option in Control menu to split the session view between horizontally and vertically 1 year ago
Nils 246665cfa9 Better logger output 1 year ago
Nils 5eb4ded54d new build system but sadly also new dates everywhere. Well, clean commits are so 2020... 2 years ago
Nils 5a5034c1e6 remove ignoreing desktop settings. this is apparently the mystery crash. but it may kill program icons. 3 years ago
Nils a2cafbb1af Capture SIGINT Ctrl+C for a clean server exit through atexit 3 years ago
Nils ad546321aa Attaching Argodejo to a running nsmd GUI, including --load-session, should work now. Maybe some corner cases, but this is a good basis for testing. FYI There is a known bug with our own nsm-data client that needs further work. 3 years ago
Nils 4939a44ffb Also set pthread name in startup, for what it is worth 3 years ago
Nils 288299aad2 remove redundant exit call 3 years ago
Nils dd51833f09 Try to make sure our color scheme is actually used 3 years ago
Nils 2389a2a5af lol, we don't even need qtgui here 3 years ago
Nils 480a203fe1 fix fix 3 years ago
Nils aca4948bd6 Forgot qtgui import 3 years ago
Nils c5cb50c25d right order of desktop settings again 3 years ago
Nils f2ea774ca2
Install faulthandler in the hope of catching more Qt segfaults 3 years ago
Nils f4854a1ea7 Redesign hidden start: Now it is a command line option that can be combined with the new 'continue last session' one 3 years ago
Nils 8a8d2eaab3 Add python version and pyqt version to the verbose log 3 years ago
Nils 7f3ece26f0 Clean up license header 3 years ago
Nils c98efbd6d7 initial commit 3 years ago