Music production session manager
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Agordejo - Music and audio production session manager based on NSM.
Agordejo (Esperanto: 'place to set things up') is a music production session manager.
It is used to start your programs, remember their (JACK) interconnections and make your life easier
in general.
You can create a session, or project, add programs to it and then use commands to save, start/stop,
hide/show all programs at once, or individually. At a later date you can then re-open
the session and continue where you left off.
Agordejo does not re-invent the wheel but instead uses the New-Session-Manager daemon and enhances
it with some tricks of its own, that always remain 100% compatible with the original sessions.
[Reporting bugs]
Agordejo 0.4.2 - Copyright 2022
Laborejo Software Suite
Run agordejo. You are now in the session overview. Press the "Quick New" button and add programs
by a double clicking on the list. Try right-clicking on many things to get more options in
context menus.
[see also]
The full documentation for Agordejo is maintained as a multi-lingual html site to your systems doc-dir.
For example:
xdg-open file:///usr/share/doc/agordejo/index.html
The documentation can also be found online