Music production session manager
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def projectAsDict(self, nsmName:str)->dict:
entry = {}
entry["nsmName"] = nsmName
entry["name"] = os.path.basename(nsmName)
basePath = pathlib.Path(PATHS["sessionRoot"], nsmName)
sessionFile = pathlib.Path(basePath, "session.nsm")
if not sessionFile.exists():"Got wrong session directory from nsmd. Race condition after delete? Project: " + repr(sessionFile))
return None
timestamp = datetime.fromtimestamp(sessionFile.stat().st_mtime).isoformat(sep=" ", timespec='minutes')
entry["lastSavedDate"] = timestamp
entry["sessionFile"] = sessionFile
entry["lockFile"] = pathlib.Path(basePath, ".lock")
entry["fullPath"] = str(basePath)
entry["sizeInBytes"] = sum(f.stat().st_size for f in basePath.glob('**/*') if f.is_file() )
entry["numberOfClients"] = len(open(sessionFile).readlines())
entry["hasSymlinks"] = self._checkDirectoryForSymlinks(basePath)
entry["parents"] = basePath.relative_to(PATHS["sessionRoot"]).parts[:-1] #tuple of each dir between NSM root and nsmName/session.nsm, exluding the actual project name. This is the tree
entry["locked"] = self._checkIfLocked(nsmName) #not for direct display
return entry
def exportProjects(self)->list:
"""Return a list of dicts of projects with additional information:
results = []
data = self._requestProjects() #False for auto-sent data by nsmd
for nsmName in data:
result = self.projectAsDict(nsmName)
return results