Music production session manager
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Program version <version>


This README is just a short introduction. Consult the manual (see below) for more information.

# Contact and Information

* Website
* Bugs and Issues:
* Git Repositories for all programs:
* Documentation and Manual<shortname>

# Installation and Starting

## Download

### Release Version
If the latest release is not available through your package manger you can build it yourself:
Download the latest code release on and extract it.

### Git Version
It is possible to clone a git repository.

`git clone<shortname>.git`

## Dependencies
* Glibc
* Python 3.6 (maybe earlier)
* PyQt5 for Python 3
* DejaVu Sans Sarif TTF (Font) (recommended, but not technically necessary)

#### Build Dependencies
* Bash
* Nuitka >= 0.6 (maybe earlier. Optional when running from source dir)
* GCC (development is done on 8.2, but most likely you can use a much earlier version)

### Environment:
* Jack Audio Connection Kit must be running

## Build and Install
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
sudo make install

## Starting

If you installed <name> through a packager manager or yourself simple use your application launcher
or terminal to start the executable `<shortname>`

You can also run <name> after extracting the release archive or cloning from git, without make or
installation. If you did so, for additional features please link tools/nsm-data to your executable PATH.

Use the manpage `man <shortname>` or run `<shortname> --help` (or local variant `./<shortname> --help` )
to see available command line parameters.