Music production session manager
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2021-07-08 Version 0.3
Remove "Quick" mode. As it turns out "Full" mode is quick enough. Port convenience features to full mode.
Add button in session chooser for alternative access to context menu options
Add normal "Save" to tray icon.
Add file integrity check after copying a session
Add progress updates to copy-session.
Submenu in tray icon to toggle visibility of individual clients (if supported)
Double click on a crashed clients opens it again. This was intentional so far, because a crash is special. But it will be fine...
More programs and icons added to the internal database.
Fix a rare crash where the hostname must be case sensitive.
2021-01-15 Version 0.2.1
Remove Nuitka as dependency. Build commands stay the same.
2020-12-05 Version 0.2.0
Fix crash from Qt/PyQt regression with Qt 5.15.2
Install nsm-data manpage
2020-10-15 Version 0.1.1
Correct typo in the name of the project :) Sorry.
2020-07-15 Version 0.1 Proof of Concept
A lot is working already, single-computer session are working fine.
Network sessions of any form are not usable yet.