A collaborative text-pad for a single project. OSAMC-branded
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Additions to the original Pad-Readme at the bottom. First the original:


Build Status

Pad is an extremely lightweight, low-latency, collaborative notepad built with WebSockets and NodeJS!

Check out our demo


  • Node 6.x or later
  • Required Node packages
  • Open port, if you want a public site

As long as you have Node 6 installed, you can just git clone and npm install and you’ll be ready to roll!

Run your own server!

Deploy to now

Or you can install Pad youself in just a few commands

git clone https://github.com/petercunha/Pad.git
cd pad
npm install && npm start

OSAMC-Branding and Fixes Changelog

Original has no data-persistance. We applied this patch: https://github.com/petercunha/Pad/issues/3 (rename sockets.txt to sockets.js)

Remove external include and resource URLs from:

	modified:   routes/index.js
	modified:   routes/socket.js
	modified:   views/index.pug
	modified:   views/pad.pug

For usage with OSAMC and also for technical reasons with uberspace web backends and htaccess we removed all functionality, or at least access to, that enables multiple pads. There is now only one hardcoded osamc pad that will be shown as start-page.

There are more changes in more files. Please look at the git log / history. We imported the upstream commits.

Uberspace Install Log


uberspace web domain add plan.osamc.de
uberspace web backend set plan.osamc.de --http --port 3000

Returns DNS entries for external domain registration.

Uberspace Web-Backend Config:

see https://manual.uberspace.de/web-backends.html

Log: At first we attempted to create a sub-directory osamc.de/pad to be consistent with the old etherpad-URL. It didn’t work out-of-the-box because the pad needed the full path to /pad/Pad/osamc We changed the padsoftware that it works at least on the start page and, as described above, hardcoded a single existing pad to this. Uberspaces web-backend option --remove-prefix did not help because it removed /pad. So: Even now the paths were still wrong, so we opted for the easier subdomain-route. The old /pad url is now a htaccess redirect with visible URL change.

Content of html/.htaccess (root-dir, not subdir /pad)

Redirect 301 /pad https://plan.osamc.de

Uberspace Service Supervisord Install Log

see https://manual.uberspace.de/daemons-supervisord.html

cd ~/etc/services.d
nano pad.ini 

command=npm start

save and close.

supervisorctl reread
supervisorctl update
supervisorctl start planungspad
supervisorctl restart planungspad
supervisorctl status planungspad