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## YYYY-MM-DD major.minor.patch
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## 2022-04-15 1.6.4
Use the new systewide library libcalfbox-lss instead of providing our own. This lib is now a dependency.
Add X-NSM-Capable=True and X-NSM-Exec to the .desktop file
## 2022-01-15 1.6.3
Changelog is now available through the help menu
Icons are now send to JACK Metadata.
## 2021-01-15 1.6.2
Remove Nuitka as dependency. Build commands stay the same.
## 2020-07-19 1.6.1
Hotfix for Qt floating dialogs
## 2020-07-15 1.6.0
Fix menu command: quit under NSM (it did not quit)
Rename menu "About" to "About and Tips" so it can be found easier.
Fix crashes and problems with recent Qt 5.15 release
Rename .desktop starter files according to XDG specs for easier packaging
Improve internal debugging options and logging
## 2020-04-15 1.5.0
Better icons
Removed git submodule. All code now in this repository.
## 2019-11-15 1.4.1
Fixed a crash on startup
Our real-time C library is now a shared lib, not a python module. Removes the need for packagers to rebuild every Python release.
## 2019-10-15 1.4.0
Fix global jack transport stop on normal program exit
## 2019-07-15 1.3.0
Remove strict Non Session Manager enforcement. Instead present a session directory chooser on startup, similar to --save.
Compilation without executable stack, a security risk.
Various build system improvements.
## 2019-04-15 1.2.0
Optional mode without NSM: Commandline parameter --save or -s. See --help
In --save mode SIGUSR1 can be send to trigger a save.
DejaVu Sans Sarif is now the default font and therefore a depency.
Fix for menu not visible on XWayland.
The --mute switch now works when running without installation and without a global calfbox module.
Nuitka is now only necessary for installing system-wide. You can run 'make calfbox' and start locally afterwards.
## 2019-01-15 1.1.0
Entire program is now based on a common Laborejo-Software-Suite shared program template.
Added "Save" to menu
Many fixes and optimisations in the C engine.
## 2018-09-15 1.0.0
Initial Release