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2021-01-15 Version 1.6.2
Format: Double ## for a version number followed by a space, ISO-Date, Semantic Versioning:
## YYYY-MM-DD major.minor.patch
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## 2021-01-15 1.6.2
Remove Nuitka as dependency. Build commands stay the same.
2020-07-19 Version 1.6.1
## 2020-07-19 1.6.1
Hotfix for Qt floating dialogs
2020-07-15 Version 1.6
## 2020-07-15 1.6.0
Fix menu command: quit under NSM (it did not quit)
Create new UI which is more compact and easier to read
Optionally play the test signal after each program change through the GUI
@ -14,30 +23,35 @@ Fix crashes and problems with recent Qt 5.15 release
Rename .desktop starter files according to XDG specs for easier packaging
Improve internal debugging options and logging
2020-04-15 Version 1.5
## 2020-04-15 1.5.0
Provide manpage
Show loaded sf2 as NSM label
Added convenience summing stereo-out jack ports.
Better icons
Removed git submodule. All code now in this repository.
2019-11-15 Version 1.4.1
## 2019-11-15 1.4.1
Fixed a crash on startup
Our real-time C library is now a shared lib, not a python module. Removes the need for packagers to rebuild every Python release.
2019-10-15 Version 1.4
## 2019-10-15 1.4.0
Remove global jack transport stop on normal program exit
Provide icons in all common sizes
Submenus now have OK and Cancel buttons, not only shortcuts.
Various bugfixes.
2019-07-15 Version 1.3
## 2019-07-15 1.3.0
Remove strict Non Session Manager enforcement. Instead present a session directory chooser on startup, similar to --save.
Remove videos from git repository for easier download and distribution. Videos are now only hosted on, but could be downloaded by users.
Compilation without executable stack, a security risk.
Various build system improvements.
2019-04-15 Version 1.2
## 2019-04-15 1.2.0
Optional mode without NSM: Commandline parameter --save or -s. See --help
In --save mode SIGUSR1 can be send to trigger a save.
Now compatible with Fluidsynth version 2 (and still with version 1)
@ -47,10 +61,12 @@ More reliable Qt settings.
The --mute switch now works when running without installation and without a global calfbox module.
Nuitka is now only necessary for installing system-wide. You can run 'make calfbox' and start locally afterwards.
2019-01-15 Version 1.1
## 2019-01-15 1.1.0
Entire program is now based on a common Laborejo-Software-Suite shared program template.
Added "Save" to menu
Many fixes and optimisations in the C engine.
2018-09-15 Version 1.0
## 2018-09-15 1.0.0
Initial Release


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