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Fluajho - SF2 soundfont sample player for JACK based on Fluidsynth.
"Fluajho" (with jh as in pleasure) means fluid in Esperanto. It is a simple sf2 soundfont
host/player for Linux. Behind the scenes the Fluidsynth library is at work, hence the name.
This program is feature-complete with version 1.7.1 in 2022.
Further releases will be limited to maintenance and fixing problems.
.sf2 is an old file format for making MIDI signals audible through virtual instruments, although it
is still in moderate use today.
Why does Fluajho exist? There are already many soundfont players for Linux,
most of them even based on Fluidsynth. Fluajho was written for a clearly defined use case:
Load an .sf2 in the New Session Manager (Agordejo) and save the soundfont in the session directory.
This makes it possible to archive the session, for example as a backup or to share it.
If you already have a DAW, host or plugin that reliably saves soundfont files together with the
session you do not need Fluajho.
You can load one soundfont file per Fluajho instance. Each instance holds 16 of the soundfonts
instruments that can be assigned to 16 MIDI channels. All access to MIDI parameters like Volume or
Pan needs to be done via midi control changes.
Finally connect external sequencers, such as Laborejo or Patroneo, through JACK-Midi to play the
instruments. There is only one JACK-Midi input but each of the 16 midi channels has it's own stereo
JACK audio output. Additionally there is a stereo mix output pair.
[Reporting bugs]
Fluajho 1.7.3 - Copyright 2022
Laborejo Software Suite
Start fluajho through NSM, e.g. through Agordejo. This will take care of all
settings and save directories.
Other modes of operations, mostly for testing, are:
Run without session management and save in /tmp.
fluajho --save /tmp
Run without audio and midi. Skips all JACK checks. Used to just look at the GUI, e.g. to make screenshots
fluajho --mute
[see also]
The full documentation for Fluajho is maintained as a multi-lingual html site to your systems doc-dir.
For example:
xdg-open file:///usr/share/doc/fluajho/index.html
The documentation can also be found online