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## 2022-08-15 2.2.1
"Flip the page" earlier during live playback, showing the last measure (or so) twice
Add global staff size to lilypond properties and metadata
Don't export empty tracks (no duration items) to Lilypond.
Always show block labels in block mode.
Don't focus on cursor after stretching.
Fix duplicate to reserverd-space block.
Fix crash when splitting linked block in multiple tracks.
Fix crash related to MultimeasureRests in a context without a MetricalInstruction.
## 2022-08-01 2.2.0
Add SOLO functionality alongside the existing audible/mute layer. Control via shortcuts, track editor, or track-list widget
New function to create a new empty block from an existing one, that has reserved duration same as the original one.
@ -16,13 +27,14 @@ Barlines more visible
Undo for initial metrical instruction and key sig (track editor)
Prevent block operations to jump to the cursor position in the GUI. Less jumpy.
Show first block name in track-list widget
Overhaul Key Signature GUI dialog to indicate "Deviation" better, instead of absolute accidentals.
Various small fixes, like typos in variable names and wrong string quotes. Small things can crash as well.
Update German translation
Lilypond Export:
Add transposition of the whole score to properties and metadata dialog
Only set tempo markings in parenthesis when user provided a string like Allegro
Add lilypond template filename to properties and metadata dialog. Will be symlinked into the session dir automatically.
Overhaul Key Signature GUI dialog to indicate "Deviation" better, instead of absolute accidentals.
## 2022-07-15 2.1.0