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Add did you know tricks to about dialog

Nils 5 years ago
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@ -60,8 +60,20 @@ class MainWindow(TemplateMainWindow):
#Make the first three words matter!
#Do not start them all with "You can..." or "...that you can", in response to the Did you know? title.
#We use injection into the class and not a parameter because this dialog gets shown by creating an object. We can't give the parameters when this is shown via the mainWindow menu.
About.didYouKnow = [
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "This is an example application. Extend it to your liking. Start by editing")
About.didYouKnow = [
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>Most commands work in the appending position (last position in a track) and apply to the item before it.</p><p>Use it to apply dots, sharps and flats on the item you just inserted without moving the cursor back and forth.</p>"),
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>Learn the keyboard shortcuts! Laborejo is designed to work with the keyboard alone and with midi instruments for full speed.</p>Everytime you grab your mouse you loose concentration, precision and time."),
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>Spread/shrink the space between notes with Ctrl+Mousewheel or Ctrl with Plus and Minus.</p><p>Full zoom by additionaly holding the Shift key.</p>"),
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>Click with the left mouse button to set the cursor to that position. Hold Shift to create a selection.</p>"),
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>Most commands can be applied to single notes and selections equally.</p><p>Use Shift + movement-keys to create selections.</p>"),
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>Blocks and Tracks can be moved in Block-View Mode [F6]. Use Shift+Middle Mouse Button to move blocks and Alt+Middle to reorder tracks.</p>"),
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>There are no empty measures/bars.</p><p>Use Multi Measure Rests[R] instead. You need to have a metrical instruction for that [M].</p>"),
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>Many Music Items like clefs can only be inserted, not edited. They are however such simplistic that delete-and-reinsert is equally time-efficient.</p>"),
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>All notes should be considered non-transposing. Treat everything as 'in C'.</p><p>That said, there is a semitone transposition in the Track Properties [Ctrl+T].</p>"),
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>Upbeats/anacrusis can be set per-track in the Track Properties [Ctrl+T].</p>"),
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>There is no key-rebinding except numpad-shortcuts.</p>"),
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>Hidden tracks still output sound.</p>"),
QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate("About", "<p>Non-audible tracks still output instrument changes and CCs so that they can be switched on again in the middle of playback.</p>"),
] + About.didYouKnow