28 Commits (master)

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Nils 6aa365ab82 fix up-stem for beams position 1 year ago
Nils a5135c81fe Add Staccato and Tenuto to Lilypond output. 1 year ago
Nils 4d1e5646a5 add initial area for signatures 1 year ago
Nils 8106dcf077 Add initial signature region in the GUI and in the engine for default sigs. Required graphical clef work and adjustments of the gui keysig 1 year ago
Nils ff6cb42377 update noteheads and flags svg 1 year ago
Nils 214e26a84a overhaul svg items and positions 1 year ago
Nils 847b612626 Drawing fixes 1 year ago
Nils a0af825e5e Add custom key signature command to build a free scale on any root 1 year ago
Nils 5aff3e6e60 fix multi measure rest display regression 1 year ago
Nils 48fe2ef529 remove pyqt float error 2 years ago
Nils 5271d27fdf Change year to 2022 2 years ago
Nils 97facd5e2e copyright dates 2021 3 years ago
Nils 6a79c15250 wrong comparison. is -> == 3 years ago
Nils 52b9b99007 various changes. tuplets mostly, but also drag and drop of blocks 3 years ago
Nils 34ee20a0bf fix further bugs and add more assertion infos 3 years ago
Nils 92936274a7 remove debug print 3 years ago
Nils e655044f7e Fix wrong beaming stems for chords 3 years ago
Nils a508a830a3 Refactor bounding rects 3 years ago
Nils 58de2ba26c Add missing rects and removal of whitespace 3 years ago
Nils 3e24548492 Clean up license header 4 years ago
Nils 1ab9ffd348 Replace logging with better logger 4 years ago
Nils a92664fa3f mostly copyright date 4 years ago
Nils 0c63c254bd fixes from regressions and code re-structuring 4 years ago
Nils 1759c5c014 fix crash 4 years ago
Nils 26984688ef Better note positions for whole notes 4 years ago
Nils f1ebbb01bc various lilypond stuff 4 years ago
Nils 570c22c307 changes 5 years ago
Nils 02b5d8b4b7 commit as backup 5 years ago