28 Commits (4d1e5646a557d002f4e8669450da489a1a659365)

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Nils 4d1e5646a5 add initial area for signatures 9 months ago
Nils 537dc8fa1c add multiplication buttons to tick widget 10 months ago
Nils e6555caa33 Add menu to add multi measure rest with a number 10 months ago
Nils ef0f3a4ccd Add preview image to lilypond properties and metadata 10 months ago
Nils af1e5b8f28 Add lilypond text string to tempo items, like allegro 10 months ago
Nils 310a219b0f Add option to lilypond metadata to not print tempo markings, because laborejo always has them but you don't need them sometimes 10 months ago
Nils 8a4111866d Add current cursor note to keysig submenu 11 months ago
Nils 5271d27fdf Change year to 2022 1 year ago
Nils 97facd5e2e copyright dates 2021 2 years ago
Nils d3e3f2650a prepare for new build system 2 years ago
Nils 57681a0637 Add note that bass_8 is midi drums to GUI 2 years ago
Nils fd65893f9d fix ok and cancel button for block properties 3 years ago
Nils 56037b5063 Deactivate midi in while submenus are active 3 years ago
Nils 324a73b949 Add buttons to submenues 3 years ago
Nils 3f82fdccd6 repair gridrhythmedit regression 3 years ago
Nils 58de2ba26c Add missing rects and removal of whitespace 3 years ago
Nils 3e24548492 Clean up license header 3 years ago
Nils 1ab9ffd348 Replace logging with better logger 3 years ago
Nils a92664fa3f mostly copyright date 3 years ago
Nils a7a88d0c3d Initial German translation 3 years ago
Nils 0c63c254bd fixes from regressions and code re-structuring 3 years ago
Nils 84800debab adapt to template 4 years ago
Nils 5cbaf862ed use channel numbers 1-16 in the gui, keep 0-15 in the engine 4 years ago
Nils 1759c5c014 fix crash 4 years ago
Nils f1ebbb01bc various lilypond stuff 4 years ago
Nils d8e944713a Restore lilypond export 4 years ago
Nils 570c22c307 changes 4 years ago
Nils 02b5d8b4b7 commit as backup 4 years ago