37 Commits (a5c2c776fbabd9e915d10c7287b249b2790809c1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Nils 8599f74e41 New function to create a new empty block from an existing one, that has reserved duration same as the original one. 6 months ago
Nils b9765d3fbd Add SOLO functionality alongside the existing audible/mute layer. Control via shortcuts, track editor, or track list widget 6 months ago
Nils d7dfc11f13 Add function to duplicate more often than once. 8 months ago
Nils a238b22dcc Fix double saving of the score and quadruple saving of each track! 8 months ago
Nils 214e26a84a overhaul svg items and positions 8 months ago
Nils 94b5b78f41 add unused menu for custom keysigs. WIP 8 months ago
Nils a0af825e5e Add custom key signature command to build a free scale on any root 8 months ago
Nils e6555caa33 Add menu to add multi measure rest with a number 9 months ago
Nils ffa96d68ef Add two new functions to paste directly transposed (modal and real transposition) 9 months ago
Nils fb32b793aa Add menu function to access block properties 9 months ago
Nils 6ac999b5f0 Change metronome to use good port names. New menu settings with option to autoconnect metronome on startup 9 months ago
Nils 3b7c3ecccc Use midi input as cursor pitch when step midi is not active 9 months ago
Nils 0a6fdb7711 Functions to move block to start or end of track. As cursor option and block mode context menu 9 months ago
Nils e3f2e68f0e docstrings 9 months ago
Nils 874a5069c2 Allow more options in block and cc view, such as export pdf and metadata edit 9 months ago
Nils 47cbce5915 Add lilypond mark instructions above and below staff 9 months ago
Nils 5271d27fdf Change year to 2022 1 year ago
Nils 97facd5e2e copyright dates 2021 2 years ago
Nils d3e3f2650a prepare for new build system 2 years ago
Nils fd5261d6bd two menu actions were switched 2 years ago
Nils 81fcf9d2a0 re-activate old, slow grid. basis for following optimisations 2 years ago
Nils 4452678428 new: playback from current block 2 years ago
Nils b10a1e9edb Add quit to main menu 2 years ago
Nils 6375495f5e Remove grid completely. It was just not worth the effort 3 years ago
Nils 58de2ba26c Add missing rects and removal of whitespace 3 years ago
Nils 3e24548492 Clean up license header 3 years ago
Nils 1ab9ffd348 Replace logging with better logger 3 years ago
Nils a92664fa3f mostly copyright date 3 years ago
Nils a7a88d0c3d Initial German translation 3 years ago
Nils 0c63c254bd fixes from regressions and code re-structuring 3 years ago
Nils eff6f32d4d implement the four noteSorting functions that were already in the menus 4 years ago
Nils f1ebbb01bc various lilypond stuff 4 years ago
Nils d79f878ecb restore lilypond file export 4 years ago
Nils d8e944713a Restore lilypond export 4 years ago
Nils 570c22c307 changes 4 years ago
Nils 0a64e0f487 Fixy fixy 4 years ago
Nils 02b5d8b4b7 commit as backup 4 years ago