A web based video player for files with multichannel audio where the user can adjust the volume levels.
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26 lines

  1. ; example file to generate a video multitrack player website
  2. ; This file is just a trivial example, it doesn't reach copyright-level. No license needed.
  3. [Information]
  4. title=Bach Air BWV 1068
  5. human=Example
  6. date=2021-05-30
  7. license=CC-0
  8. description=Metronome click is muted by default. Raise the fader to hear it.<br>This is the example for <a href="https://git.laborejo.org/lss/Multichannel_Web_Video_Audio_Player_With_Volume_Mixer">the LSS multichannel player</a>.</p><p>Sorry, the midi-render does not include the repeat. It just jumps into the 2nd bracket.
  9. videofile=bach_air_bwv_1068.mp4
  10. ; HTML5 and JavaScript cannot reliably figure this out. We already know the value, so setting it is the most robust solution.
  11. samplerate=48000
  12. ; Track names need to be in the same order as the video files audio channels
  13. ; we assume stereo pairs. Each track is two consecutive channels
  14. ; Comma separated list. No spaces, no underscores
  15. tracknames=ViolinI,ViolinII,Viola,Basso,Click
  16. ; Volume Map is one float value between 0 and 2 in steps of 0.01.
  17. ; 1 original volume level. So better don't go over 1, which means software amplification
  18. ; by the javascript engine.
  19. ; This is the initial / default position of the volume sliders, in the same order as the tracks
  20. ; Can be used to mute e.g. click tracks or conductor commentary by default.
  21. ; Comma separated list. No spaces.
  22. volumemap=1,1,1,1,0