99 Commits (90706799aeabab339ba1c38c2cb2ddede5d7e257)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Nils 90706799ae patch level release docs 10 months ago
Nils 62823b4072 Don't discard user data when setting or deleting steps in a multiplicator-measure. 10 months ago
Nils eafc09307a Update manual, regenerate documentation and versioned files. Final changelog 10 months ago
Nils a45df552be remove deps from config 10 months ago
Nils a09601639d adjust paths to local cbox 10 months ago
Nils bb3bbd48bc Change year to 2022 1 year ago
Nils 987fe0761b add base64 versions of icons to repository 1 year ago
Nils 8034337236 Translation 1 year ago
Nils 083ea46021 Update description that the program is complete 1 year ago
Nils 2b52137f4e Add additionalData parameter for startEngine. This is from template, we don't use it. 1 year ago
Nils 7ab5130fbb fix some float conversions that broke with python 3.10 and pyqt 1 year ago
Nils c7052a43db Update manual 1 year ago
Nils 33bf3eabfb This should conclude the apc mini support. Minus bugs 1 year ago
Nils 344a653ad6 Support factor notes on the apcmini 1 year ago
Nils a1bff529ca More apcmini functions 1 year ago
Nils ebc1a61f85 Initial support for the AKAI APCmini hardware controller 1 year ago
Nils b2ac13e907 Change engine version and CHANGELOG 2 years ago
Nils 89515ce2be Fix regression in multiplicator messages 2 years ago
Nils 6c2f283f19 some cleanup and docstrings 2 years ago
Nils 1ae824f564 Better undo for measures with mods 2 years ago
Nils 77734b2042 Add checks to prevent a lot of redundant calls 2 years ago
Nils 0e0c6361c6 Add new track options to control step delay and augment behaviour to track context menu 2 years ago
Nils 3aada49048 Adjust measures sizes and positions so that 3 measure mods fit 2 years ago
Nils 16771be7b0 more work on measure modifications. GUI labels are still off 2 years ago
Nils e8fd18bf10 Prepare two new measure modifiers: step-delay and augment/diminish. Engine and save/load done but nothing in the GUI yet 2 years ago
Nils 8505135071 Switch to new track in the gui, after insert 2 years ago
Nils dc62913e38 Adjust GUI group rectangle after number of measures changed 2 years ago
Nils 6084a6529a clean up aborted vico integration 2 years ago
Nils 284e14ed55 Work in progress. sorry for the mess 2 years ago
Nils f976ae4de5 fix regressions when running with --mute 2 years ago
Nils 3604c4dfd9 remove regression that triggered api.setScale far too often 2 years ago
Nils b24394e681 guard against a rare crash that happens when a qt widget tries to access a just deleted track, because the widget itself got deleted which triggered an out-of-focus-send-to-engine event 2 years ago
Nils b59e224e8f update groups after deleting last track of a group 2 years ago
Nils 1fa4a67324 Use german note names when German locale is used 2 years ago
Nils 6d8e727bca Use groups for empty project 2 years ago
Nils ecab0ee499 Prepare version number for april 2 years ago
Nils 4fc9fc7bcf fix playback cursor regression 2 years ago
Nils d710ceaad6 note preview with groups 2 years ago
Nils dcd06b5de6 Add groups to tracks. Access via context menu 2 years ago
Nils f631ea4556 Add advanced feature for a global rhythm offset, meant for Jack-Transport. Allows the whole piece to begin later on the jack-timeline. 2 years ago
Nils bfdaff075e add option to switch two groups positions 2 years ago
Nils c0bef9a813 undo/redo part 2 2 years ago
Nils 48439acb05 Undo part 1 2 years ago
Nils 5a0ac31d2b add option to change midi channel of tracks 2 years ago
Nils e63593fa82 New swing feature, including GUI slider. Only for subdivisions 2 and 4 2 years ago
Nils 5520b3edea Add 'Chords' track to the default 2 years ago
Nils 3113b7e174 Increase MAJOR version number to 2.0.0. Generate documentation 2 years ago
Nils 66b69bce8a Fix all regressions and make old features compatible with new extended scales 2 years ago
Nils e25d0d1c17 First steps to allow more notes per pattern than 8 2 years ago
Nils f39efaf0af update documentation 2 years ago