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  1. #Changelog
  2. Format: Double ## for a version number followed by a space, ISO-Date, Semantic Versioning:
  3. ## YYYY-MM-DD major.minor.patch
  4. Two empty lines before the next entry.
  5. External contributors notice at the end of the line: (LastName, FirstName / nick)
  6. ## 2021-07-15 2.2.0
  7. Add status bar to explain possible user actions (like "use shift + mousewheel to transpose measure")
  8. Streamline mousewheel behaviour in song editor. It now always scrolls without shift / alt key, no more accidental transpositions.
  9. Add non-destructive step delay for individual measures. Shift an individual measures forwards or backwards in time, within the boundaries of the measure.
  10. Add track-switch to choose step-delay wrap-around behaviour, if delayed notes end up outside the pattern
  11. Add non-destructiv pattern augmentation/scaling. Make an individual measure shorter or longer overall, with the same GUI as transpositions.
  12. Add track-switch to choose repeat-to-fill behaviour if scaling a pattern shorter, which creates empty space.
  13. Change user input to choose above measure modifications. Everything is now accesible by shortcuts, removing the functionality from the mousewheel.
  14. Fix missing undo for measure modifications after delete.
  15. Fix wrong playback cursor speed.
  16. Fix small GUI drawing issues
  17. Changelog reformating. Meta meta :)
  18. ## 2021-02-15 2.1.0
  19. Full Undo/Redo
  20. Add track groups, which double as midi bus. This enhances overview for more complex projects.
  21. Add option to follow the playhead in pattern view (or not), required by the much longer patterns. Also better scrolling and playhead is always visible now.
  22. Add option to change the midi channel for a track in the tracks context menu.
  23. Add switch group places to song-structure context menus.
  24. Add View-Menu with options to maximize the two editor areas.
  25. Add advanced feature for a global rhythm offset, meant for Jack-Transport. Allows the whole piece to begin later on the jack-timeline.
  26. ## 2021-01-15 2.0.0
  27. Big new features increase the MAJOR version. Old save files can still be loaded.
  28. The new features integrate seamlessly into the existing workflow:
  29. Tracks can now have different pattern lengths, allowing much more complex music. Added multiplication-widget next to track name.
  30. Each individual Pattern can now have any number of pitches (was fixed to 8 pitches)
  31. Loop range can now contain multiple measures. Added GUI control next to loop button. Reminder: Looprange is for trial&error, not for production.
  32. A swing slider for subgroups 2 and 4 is now available for that 90s Dance Feeling.
  33. Added 'Chords'-Track to the new/empty file.
  34. Remove Nuitka as dependency. Build commands stay the same.
  35. ## 2020-09-25 1.7.0
  36. Allow Note-On Velocity 0 to make external conversion into CCs possible
  37. Fix crash when loading a project with only one track
  38. ## 2020-07-19 1.6.1
  39. Hotfix for Qt floating dialogs
  40. ## 2020-07-15 1.6.0
  41. Fix menu command: quit under NSM (it did not quit)
  42. Fix transparent editing areas in Wayland
  43. Rename menu "About" to "About and Tips" so it can be found easier.
  44. Fix crashes and problems with recent Qt 5.15 release
  45. Rename .desktop starter files according to XDG specs for easier packaging
  46. Improve internal debugging options and logging
  47. ## 2020-04-15 1.5.0
  48. Provide manpage
  49. Fix Loop: Now kept when changing grouping and steps per pattern.
  50. Better Icons
  51. Send save status to NSM
  52. Removed git submodule. All code now in this repository.
  53. ## 2019-11-15 1.4.1
  54. Fixed a crash on startup
  55. Our real-time C library is now a shared lib, not a python module.
  56. ## 2019-10-15 1.4.0
  57. New context option for track labels: Replace pattern with one from other track
  58. Streamline existing context menu options for measure groups
  59. New context options for measure group: duplicate and clean transpositions
  60. Activate the first pattern for all three tracks on a new project to ease up starting
  61. Set default drums track for new projects to use GM Drum note names and start with a good scale
  62. Use Median Velocity for new notes, not average.
  63. Remove global jack transport stop on normal program exit
  64. Reactivate OpenGL acceleration
  65. Submenus now have OK and Cancel buttons, not only shortcuts.
  66. Provide icons in all common sizes
  67. Various bugfixes and cosmetical changes.
  68. ## 2019-07-15 1.3.0
  69. Add "Invert Row" to pattern context menu, if clicked on a step.
  70. Add "Clear Row" to pattern context menu, if clicked on a step.
  71. Add powerful "Fill row with sub-pattern until this clicked-on step" to quickly repeat short snippets. (Pattern context menu, if clicked on a step)
  72. Add Alt+MouseWheel to change the velocity of an entire row in the pattern.
  73. Changing the scale (e.g. with the mousewheel in a note pitch selector) during playback now has an immediate audible effect.
  74. Update documentation.
  75. Remove strict Non Session Manager enforcement. Instead present a session directory chooser on startup, similar to --save.
  76. Remove videos from git repository for easier download and distribution. Videos are now only hosted on, but could be downloaded by users.
  77. Compilation without executable stack, a security risk.
  78. Various build system improvements.
  79. ## 2019-04-15 1.2.0
  80. Optional mode without NSM: Commandline parameter --save or -s. See --help
  81. In --save mode SIGUSR1 can be send to trigger a save.
  82. Git repository is now public as . Reflect that in the documentation/readme.
  83. DejaVu Sans Sarif is now the default font and therefore a depency.
  84. More reliable Qt settings.
  85. The --mute switch now works when running without installation and without a global calfbox module.
  86. Nuitka is now only necessary for installing system-wide. You can run 'make calfbox' and start locally afterwards.
  87. ## 2019-01-15 1.1.0
  88. Added tool to convert the grouping and step count without losing data or changing the music.
  89. Added selector for note names (different languages and GM-drums)
  90. Fixed "hanging notes" bug
  91. Entire program is now based on a common Laborejo-Software-Suite shared program template.
  92. Added "Save" to menu
  93. Many fixes and optimisations in the C engine.
  94. ## 2018-09-15 1.0.0
  95. Initial Release