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Python Smart Download Manager -- pySmartDL
``pySmartDL`` strives to be a full-fledged smart download manager for Python. Main features:
* Built-in download acceleration (with the `multipart downloading technique <>`_).
* Mirrors support.
* Pause/Unpause feature.
* Speed limiting feature.
* Hash checking.
* Non-blocking, shows progress bar, download speed and eta.
* Full support for custom headers and methods.
* Python 3 Support
Project Links
* Downloads:
* Documentation:
* Project page:
* Bugs and Issues:
**Using pip (recommended way)**
Make sure python-pip is installed on you system. If you are using virtualenv, then pip is alredy installed into environments created by virtualenv. Run pip to install pySmartDL:
``pip install pySmartDL``
**From Source**
The pySmartDL package is installed from source using distutils in the usual way. Download the `source distribution <>`_ first. Unpack the source zip and run the following to install the package site-wide:
``python install``
Download is as simple as creating an instance and starting it:
from pySmartDL import SmartDL
url = ""
dest = "C:\\Downloads\\" # or '~/Downloads/' on linux
obj = SmartDL(url, dest)
# [*] 0.23 Mb / 0.37 Mb @ 88.00Kb/s [##########--------] [60%, 2s left]
path = obj.get_dest()
* Python 3.4 or greater.
Copyright (C) 2014-2020 Itay Brandes.