49 Commits (master)

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Nils 5b28b20d69 add static ports to one-time generation for port order 2 weeks ago
Nils 5a4974cb21 Full support for multi-audio-out instruments. Port names, sfz labels, port sorting, internal mixer and auditioner routing 2 weeks ago
Nils 50c1c42724 prepare release 0.5.1 2 months ago
Nils 75f9b1245b replace mixer autoconnect in standalone mode with setting in menu to do so 5 months ago
Nils 9c4d163ba5 default instrument update 5 months ago
Nils a3e416e253 docstring 5 months ago
Nils 3908960a65 update default instr 6 months ago
Nils b72bd48ba2 Show control change labels and make them gui midi controls. Expand default instrument to show off the feature 6 months ago
Nils 117f6be0ea Start with v0.5.0 as initial beta release 6 months ago
Nils 58928a4246 Add desktop and documentation files 6 months ago
Nils 4e681b9ef9 Update default instrument and more error checks 6 months ago
Nils 6655913cc3 adjust to new lss lib 6 months ago
Nils 4bdaf67d7b protect auditioner against unloaded keyswitches 7 months ago
Nils 6d2acbe95f Favorite instruments 7 months ago
Nils 63f99d4902 Repair viewing only loaded instruments 7 months ago
Nils cc4a4bb471 Refactor selectCurrentInstrument chain to prepare favorites widget 7 months ago
Nils d1b322c956 new default instrument version 7 months ago
Nils c8c763e7d5 Add disconnec to instrument context menu 7 months ago
Nils 26c1d5c2be support key labels. prepare cc labels, no GUI for that yet 7 months ago
Nils 659da3a121 change extension from tar to tembro to prevent accidental unpack by users 7 months ago
Nils cc600d9514 gui context menu for libraries to un/load all instruments 7 months ago
Nils 546e721d8f Send midi feedback from auditioner 7 months ago
Nils 1bfd4680b8 cosmetics and mouseclick fixes 8 months ago
Nils 61c8bf1b83 Add horizontal piano 8 months ago
Nils 903a20f51b First draft of a gui midi keyboard 8 months ago
Nils 78e16b1330 Sample downloader and fast-loader for instruments on startup. Still uses local webserver for testing 8 months ago
Nils 37f73aa822 Remember and restore jack connections when changing the sample dir during runtime 8 months ago
Nils ec5a02f0f6 Finalize work on sample dir change for now 8 months ago
Nils a4f880beed wip reloading and sample dir switching 8 months ago
Nils 4e654ff424 Show and use keyswitches from the GUI 8 months ago
Nils 673183874a Change year to 2022 9 months ago
Nils 87f8bd72f8 Add stub base64 icon files 9 months ago
Nils dcdb46cba8 explicitly unload all instruments on quit to circumvent a jackd freeze 10 months ago
Nils a1db7b3957 code commetn 11 months ago
Nils 9de59fce00 Update default synth instruments. Square and Triangle are working now 11 months ago
Nils acc2a8c1a5 Author information 11 months ago
Nils 7dd9a4b20c simpler and correct way of enumerating jack metadata port order 12 months ago
Nils 09846562ab code comment 12 months ago
Nils 5c83517138 code comments 1 year ago
Nils e2c089601e update readme 1 year ago
Nils 329d760271 generate actual documentation and make files 1 year ago
Nils c7cb9e87e4 update default instrument 1 year ago
Nils 49bc917996 update default instrument 1 year ago
Nils 64f3a44024 More code. Hide unused features for now, to prepare for a public alpha relase 1 year ago
Nils a3a4f3cfe5 Just a pre-release code dump 1 year ago
Nils 28c9320ae5 trying to find the default path in tars 1 year ago
Nils 5eb7704a2f Can now choose variant in the gui. Auditioner also respects current variant 1 year ago
Nils 891247e297 instrument loading, auditioner port, basic GUI 1 year ago
Nils 75cdc4120c just some files 1 year ago