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Nils 50c1c42724 prepare release 0.5.1 3 months ago
Nils 75f9b1245b replace mixer autoconnect in standalone mode with setting in menu to do so 5 months ago
Nils 7ff87f56fd Add recommendation for SSD or NVME to download dialog 6 months ago
Nils 6a39f2f5e1 Prepare release with documentation generation 6 months ago
Nils 140d02afe3 print mirror list in verbose log 6 months ago
Nils b72bd48ba2 Show control change labels and make them gui midi controls. Expand default instrument to show off the feature 6 months ago
Nils 0102451a60 current year 6 months ago
Nils 1e759146fa make favorites more robust against restarts 7 months ago
Nils 74c7061f62 typo 7 months ago
Nils fe82e32154 Better download dialog 7 months ago
Nils 9d56b96dd3 Remove QtOpenGL dependency. copy and paste error from old project 7 months ago
Nils 6d2acbe95f Favorite instruments 7 months ago
Nils 63f99d4902 Repair viewing only loaded instruments 7 months ago
Nils cc4a4bb471 Refactor selectCurrentInstrument chain to prepare favorites widget 7 months ago
Nils 5227aac999 protect against default qt keybinding that crashes the tree view 7 months ago
Nils c8c763e7d5 Add disconnec to instrument context menu 7 months ago
Nils d61ff39ff0 Hover status bar events for the pianos 7 months ago
Nils c1a71c28b5 Better piano colors 7 months ago
Nils 05d768ab0b Clear piano roll from colors when switching instrument 7 months ago
Nils fb130d9477 GUI menu action to only view loaded instruments 7 months ago
Nils 6613bdd594 Remember pianos and flat/nested 7 months ago
Nils cc600d9514 gui context menu for libraries to un/load all instruments 8 months ago
Nils 546e721d8f Send midi feedback from auditioner 8 months ago
Nils 1bfd4680b8 cosmetics and mouseclick fixes 8 months ago
Nils 61c8bf1b83 Add horizontal piano 8 months ago
Nils 340a065dec various small improvements 8 months ago
Nils 903a20f51b First draft of a gui midi keyboard 8 months ago
Nils 78e16b1330 Sample downloader and fast-loader for instruments on startup. Still uses local webserver for testing 8 months ago
Nils ec5a02f0f6 Finalize work on sample dir change for now 8 months ago
Nils a4f880beed wip reloading and sample dir switching 8 months ago
Nils 4e654ff424 Show and use keyswitches from the GUI 8 months ago
Nils 673183874a Change year to 2022 9 months ago
Nils dcdb46cba8 explicitly unload all instruments on quit to circumvent a jackd freeze 11 months ago
Nils 0fa65e7164 Don't require qtapp in download dialog 1 year ago
Nils 7f1123b5c7 small fixes 1 year ago
Nils c7cb9e87e4 update default instrument 1 year ago
Nils 49bc917996 update default instrument 1 year ago
Nils 64f3a44024 More code. Hide unused features for now, to prepare for a public alpha relase 1 year ago
Nils a3a4f3cfe5 Just a pre-release code dump 1 year ago
Nils 28c9320ae5 trying to find the default path in tars 1 year ago
Nils 5eb7704a2f Can now choose variant in the gui. Auditioner also respects current variant 1 year ago
Nils 891247e297 instrument loading, auditioner port, basic GUI 1 year ago
Nils 75cdc4120c just some files 1 year ago