Sampled Instrument Player with static and monolithic design. All instruments are built-in.
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## 2022-10-15 0.6.0
Support for instruments with multiple audio outputs. Requires libcalfbox-lss 1.2.0
Guard against crash/race condition where a note-off gui notification comes right after the instrument has been disabled
Disable --mute for Tembro. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
## 2022-07-15 0.5.1
Turn off auto connecting the mixer/auditioner audio ports when not run under NSM. Replace with default-off menu setting to do so.
Update German translation.
## 2022-04-15 0.5.0
Initial proof-of-concept release
No manual yet, sorry for the inconvenience.
The instrument definitions are not stable yet, in the sense of the README that they will never change.