Sampled Instrument Player with static and monolithic design. All instruments are built-in.
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File Structure, Description and How to Update the Template

The principle of this program is that it can be used in a self-contained "all in one directory" version but also in a compiled version with files all over the system, following the linux file hirarchy.

For that reason that are some processes that must be done manually and which will create generated but static files (not at compile or runtime) that are included in git. For example the qt resources and translation or documentation html files from asciidoctor sources.

Copied files from 3rd party libs that need to be updated manually.

  • For Calfbox copy the whole source directory into template/calfbox and delete its .git
  • from pynsm2 into qtgui.


There is a menu in the example MainWindow but it is emtpy. Some default menu entries will be added dynamically by the template.

You can merge template and client menus. But there are some naming conventions you must uphold: menuFile menuEdit menuHelp menuDebug

These menuActions are standard and can only be hidden, deactivated or rerouted. But you can't create them on your own in QtDesigner actionUndo actionRedo actionAbout actionUser_Manual