Raylib 3
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#ifndef DRAW_H
#define DRAW_H
#define NR_OF_EFFECTS 5
typedef void (*effectFunction)(bool guiRedrawNeeded, float opacity, int speedModifier, int size);
typedef struct {
bool enabled;
char * name;
bool foreground;
float opacity;
int speed;
int size; // effect depends on the drawing mode. This could be everything
effectFunction function;
} Effect;
typedef struct {
bool enabled;
char * path; //NSM = subpath, Standalone: Absolute Path
bool foreground;
float opacity;
Color tint;
int x;
int y;
float rotation;
float zoom;
//If you want animation or different versions you have to put them all in one image and then devide into tiles:
int tileSize; //from the whole picture, how big is the square that should be displayed.
int tileIndex; //When the image is divided through size which of the resulting tiles should be displayed. 1D, starting from 0, max is 127
} Sprite;
void mainLoop_draw(Note *allGUINotes);
void loadBackgroundImage(char * path, bool newImage);
void init_draw();
#endif // not defined DRAW_H