Raylib 3
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#include "constants.h"
//Singleton. This is also saved and loaded. See main.c
typedef struct {
bool nsm; //under nsm or not
bool guiVisible;
bool showPitchMarker;
int pitchMarkerValue;
bool showPortBackground;
bool showPortBackgroundForUnconnected;
int fadeOutMode;
int fadeOutFactor;
bool showConnectedPortnames;
bool includeClientInPortNameDisplay;
bool alwaysShowClock;
bool applicationWindowVisible;
int cameraCenterOnX;
int cameraCenterOnY;
int pitchMin; //Note Drawing Range for all modes
int pitchMax; //Note Drawing Range for all modes
//Layer Switches
bool showBackgroundImageLayer; //or plain color
bool showEffectLayer;
bool showSpriteLayer;
bool showDrawMode;
bool showForegroundSpritesLayer;
bool showForegroundEffectsLayer;
//Layer Modes and Settings
//char * backgroundImagePath;
int drawMode; //Vertical, Grids...
Color colors[VIS_PORTS+3];
//For specific modes only
int meterbridge_grouping; // 127 / 1 as default -> show all notes individually. 12 would mean show activity in one octave as the same rectangle. pitchmarker is the root note.
//Images and paths
char * pathBackgroundImage; //in nsm this is always background.png , standalone it is an absolute file path
//Not Saved
bool guiRedrawNeeded;
bool instructedToQuit;
bool transportRolling;
double bpm;
char* clockString;
const char* connectedPortNames[VIS_PORTS];
const char * modeDescription; //48 chars per line.\n for line break. Label to describe a mode. Set by files like draw_port_grids.c etc.
int portActivity[VIS_PORTS]; //0 means no activity, any other number is the number of current note-ons
bool lockInput; //Prevent keypresses while in file open dialog etc.
Camera2D camera;
//Not saved but provided by NSM or argc
char * name;
char * nsmDirectory; //Our directory in NSM, empty standalone. Don't use for checks, use bool programState.nsm instead
char * filePath; //This is always the direct json save file. There is only one filePath per session. We do not provide "reload" or "open"
} ProgramState;
void initProgramState(bool nsm, const char * filePath, const char * programName);
void loadStateFromFile();
void saveStateToFile();
void setColorPalette(int number);
#endif // not defined PROGRAMSTATE_H