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2021-01-15 Version 1.2.2
Remove Nuitka as dependency. Build commands stay the same.
This software is no longer in development, see
2020-07-19 Version 1.2.1
Hotfix for Qt floating dialogs
2020-07-15 Version 1.2
Allow recording right from the start, with jack transport already running
Allow note on with velocity 0
Fix menu command: quit under NSM (it did not quit)
Fix transparent editing areas in Wayland
Rename menu "About" to "About and Tips" so it can be found easier.
Fix crashes and problems with recent Qt 5.15 release
Rename .desktop starter files according to XDG specs for easier packaging
Improve internal debugging options and logging
2020-04-15 Version 1.1
Provide manpage
Save recording state.
Send recording state as label to NSM
Fix crash when pitch shifting without selection
Fixed NSM Save Status
Better icons
Removed git submodule. All code now in this repository.
2019-11-15 Version 1.0.1
Fixed a crash on startup
Our real-time C library is now a shared lib, not a python module. Removes the need for packagers to rebuild every Python release.
2019-10-15 Version 1.0
Initial Release