Virtual folk instrument that bows continously.
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Virtual folk instrument that bows continously.



The build system will do a check for the following dependencies:

  • fftw3
  • eigen3
  • JACK Audio Connection Kit
  • GLFW3
  • OpenGL with Glu and Glew
  • liblo
  • For X11: x11 lib, xinput, xcursor (Other OS have not been tested yet)
  • NSM - New Session Manager during runtime, through Agordejo (optional, but recommended)

Only for building:

  • C and C++ compiler (e.g. gcc)
  • meson build system
  • python3
  • help2man
  • date

Compilation and Installation

meson setup build --prefix=/usr
cd build
sudo ninja install

License and Credits

This project is, in general, licensed under GPLv3-only. Technically and legally each file is licensed individually. Please see each files header except where 3rd parties did not provide license headers in their files. For the sake of leaving the files unmodified we included LICENSE etc. files in the directory structure where needed. And this list:

All code, except the files mentioned below, by Laborejo Software Suite ( )