Virtual folk instrument that bows continously.
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2022-11-25 "Later or Never":
* CC7 switch with release envelope so it isn't that sudden. But a reverb plugin will soften that
* Reintroduce the idea of wheel and key sfx. The code for that is currently commented out because
we never were able to record good sfx samples.
* One more autostart mode (radio buttons): Start with the first note on.
* General tuning, different to a' = 440Hz. It looks like the current tuning is hardcoded in the
artifastring physical model, staticly generated numbers. In this case we won't have a general
tuning. Using the same method as our pitchwheel won't work because that only raises the frequency
because it is based on a virtual finger-on-fretboard position, which can't go below the beginning
of the string.
* FINGER_STRENGTH for key presses is currently a fixed value. Could be a mapped to velocity or with
a random value to have a more humanized feeld. But the effect is not *that* useful.
Command to autoconnect jack during development:
jack-matchmaker Vjelo:Melody$ system:playback_1$ Vjelo:Melody$ system:playback_2$ .*EasyKeys.* "Vjelo:Melody in" .*LPD8.* "Vjelo:Melody in" Vjelo:Drone$ system:playback_1$ Vjelo:Drone$ system:playback_2$