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All being well, this is version 26!

Kroc Camen 6 years ago
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v26 22.FEB.15
* Fixed problems with transliteration when on PHP5.4 without all the necessary libs in place
* Stick and Unstick thread buttons when logged in as the Admin (the Admin is now the first person listed in mods.txt)
NOTE: the lock and unlock links have been changed into buttons, make sure to update custom translations / CSS!
@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@ v26
* Corrupted posts will now be removed entirely when deleted instead of being blanked first
(this may break some permalinks if deleting a corrupted post before the last page)
* Delete and Append buttons have new icons to look less like voting buttons!
* Fixed sitemap.xml using the wrong path when the forum is in a sub-folder
* Fixed favicon missing when the forum is in a sub-folder
* Moved some functions into a new "utf-8 safe" library for sanitising input / output
- NOTE: Very incomplete. Will improve over multiple releases
- Declared UTF-8 in the content-type header to prevent UTF-7 attacks
@@ -18,14 +20,14 @@ v26
- the superglobals (`$_GET` / `$_POST` &c.) are preprocessed with `stripslashes`, `safeTrim` & UTF-8 safety
- `safeGet` was removed in favour of `mb_substr` use as superglobal preprocessing covers the rest

v25 26.02.13
v25 26.FEB.13
* Fixed iOS rotation / zooming with the help of TCB
* Fixed appends double-encoding HTML, with thanks to Stephen Taylor
* Fixed unable to delete corrupted posts unless signed in
NOTE: the class `nnf_error` was added to `<article class="nnf_post nnf_op">` in "delete.html"
* Updated to DOMTemplate v16, much better handling of HTML / XML

v24 10.01.13
v24 10.JAN.13
* Dynamic HTML titles (index / thread pages), the date format ('dd/mm/yyyy') and other strings that were previously
not translatable (since v19) are now translatable. This causes a number of changes in theme configuration:
- These strings are now stored in `$LANG['']` (the default language) in 'theme.php' instead of, as before,