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  Nils 093070db51 remove breaking get_magic_quotes_gpc 7 months ago
  Gitea 6d9fa09c18 add post opener after title 8 months ago
  Nils 5136714e81 Offer to write a mail as well 1 year ago
  Nils a6a31cb1da ask user to provide name of program in title 1 year ago
  Nils 5df96da277 Remove word 'thread' or replace with 'issue' as it is too much tied to the world of forums 1 year ago
  Nils ab9b59e4d7 Remove member names from site and remove google search 1 year ago
  Nils 49f287cfdf threadfile 1 year ago
  Nils 6e8f379840 Remove gitignore. We want this in git 1 year ago
  Nils 900c8b6a28 Add protected user names 1 year ago
  Nils fe5df568b4 copy grescale to our own theme 1 year ago
  Nils 3292472515 custom config.php 1 year ago
  Nils 74d5a9463f Replace unsupported followsymlinks with +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch 1 year ago
  Kroc Camen e8a996c6cd All being well, this is version 26! 6 years ago
  Kroc Camen fe72e05fdb Fixed #191: Wrong path in sitemap.xml 6 years ago
  Kroc Camen 21f0c0cc29 Fix (?) favicons not showing for forums in sub-folders. 6 years ago
  Kroc Camen 235ccd1d0d Fix #184: "news" lock type 6 years ago
  Kroc Camen fc6e7059d0 Use correct Unicode replacement character with `mb_convert_encoding` 6 years ago
  Kroc Camen 2c307263fe Changed TABs to spaces throughout for more consistant editing. 6 years ago
  Kroc Camen 9d075d7a7a Fix #183: Apache "NOYB" 6 years ago
  Kroc Camen 0f41f6f93c Updating copyright date 6 years ago
  Kroc Camen 0848649a34 Small fix to DOMTemplate 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 8381c715ea Updated to DOMTemplate v18: Three community bug fixes 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 02d5301157 Merge branch 'master' into development 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen a7fa64fbfc Fixed HTAccess breakage on Apache 2.4 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen e52c31a4b7 "sticky_2x.png" was missing from repository, with thanks to Stephen Taylor for noticing 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen d16c4322d6 * Stick / Unstick buttons at the bottom of the page for the admin (first name in 'mods.txt') 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen c6101a9d01 Fix #138: Win8 snap view 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen e0d1244efb Fix #178: Deleting a corrupt post should delete it outright 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen f670ec8f88 Fixed #154 The (-) & (+) buttons look like they're for voting 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen dfcc46f7d5 Whoopsie. Broke text formatting entirely. 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 814147540c Fix #174: Check Apache version 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 0ffe451a8a Replaced `safeGet` with just `mb_substr` as the superglobals are now preprocessed for `stripslashes`. 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen c703979e75 Fixed `@name` corrupting posts with HTAccess off 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen c0438be051 Merged DOMTemplate fix from master. 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen a9fdead366 A regex pattern bug was messing with attribute values (like querystrings) where the letter either side of an equals was the same. Whilst this would not create invalid HTML, it would break hyperlinks and "IE=edge" for example. 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 312ccd18ee Fixed `@name` corrupting posts with HTAccess off 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 3b5230e634 Fixed `@name` corrupting posts with HTAccess off 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen e40a13309e Some initial work on UTF-8 safety for feedback 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 6eab56cecb UTF-7 XSS fix for extra safety 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 36614bfa22 Converted Bash script for auto-generating the images to Batch. 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 2d485f77a3 Updating headers to v26 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 165bf7846b [v25] Templating, theme improvements and other fixes 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 518681f425 [v25] Templating, theme improvemtns & other fixes 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen c4e7195747 I thought I had fixed that!? 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen e9a9340021 Updated NNF to work with latest DOMTemplate changes. 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen f91990a751 DOMTemplate was updated to support HTML better with less depenence on strict XML. 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 2c2706b029 Correction 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen a1eec0203b Fixed the iOS rotation / zooming bug, with thanks to TCB for testing. 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 07356e8d44 Updating NNF with DOMTemplate changes 8 years ago
  Kroc Camen 09fe77179a Updated DOMTemplate to add an XML property to avoid HTML-specific cleaning in RSS/XML files and updated NNF to use this property for it's RSS/XML files. 8 years ago