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  1. NoNonsense Forum v26 © Copyright (CC-BY) Kroc Camen 2010-2015
  2. ========================================================================
  3. Contents:
  4. ========================================================================
  5. [0] Requirements
  6. [1] Install
  7. [1.1] Install from a download
  8. [1.2] Install using GIT
  9. [1.3] Installation (continued)
  10. [1.4] Updating NoNonsense Forum
  11. [1.5] Running without HTAccess
  12. [2] Customising
  13. [2.1] 'config.php'
  14. [2.2] 'theme.config.php'
  15. [2.3] Favicon, touch-icon and Metro tile
  16. [2.4] Adding a forum introduction (about.html)
  17. [2.5] Custom CSS
  18. [3] Translations
  19. [0] Requirements:
  20. ========================================================================
  21. * PHP 5.2.3 or above
  22. * Apache 2.1 or above, preferably with ".htaccess" files enabled
  23. (though optional), or any other webserver, whereby NNF will
  24. operate in "no-htaccess" mode
  25. Browser support: (default 'greyscale' theme)
  26. * IE6, 7, 8, 9, 10+
  27. * Firefox 3+, Camino 2+
  28. * Chrome Stable, Chrome Dev
  29. * Safari 3+
  30. * Opera 9+
  31. * Lynx & other text browsers
  32. * iOS 4.0+ (iOS 3 untested)
  33. * Android (all versions AFAIK)
  34. * Firefox Mobile
  35. * Opera Mobile & Mini
  36. * Amazon Kindle (e-ink) & Fire
  37. * IE9/Mobile (untested)
  38. Unsupported:
  39. * Firefox 2 or earlier, Camino 1
  40. * IE5.5 and below (including IE:Mac)
  41. * IE7/Mobile (Windows Phone 7)
  42. [1] Install:
  43. ========================================================================
  44. NoNonsense Forum can run on its own domain / sub-domain (preferred),
  45. or within a sub-folder (e.g. '/forum/').
  46. [1.1] Install from download:
  47. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. If you downloaded NoNonsense Forum as a ZIP / archive file:
  49. * Copy this folder and all files to the web-root of a sub-domain
  50. (like 'forum.---.com'), virtual host or other dedicated
  51. web-root for the forum, or as a sub-folder therein.
  52. NOTE: On some platforms, the ".htaccess" file may be invisible.
  53. Please search the Internet for instructions on how to show
  54. hidden files on your operating system if you cannot see the
  55. ".htaccess" file. It must be included with the other files for
  56. NoNonsense Forum to work
  57. [1.2] Install using GIT:
  58. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  59. The best way to install NoNonsense Forum (and keep it up to date) is to
  60. use GIT <git-scm.org>. If you have GIT installed, then from the command
  61. line / terminal enter:
  62. git clone https://github.com/Kroc/NoNonsenseForum.git nononsense_forum
  63. The code will be downloaded into a "nononsense_forum" folder in the
  64. current directory.
  65. Move this folder, or its contents to the desired location (as described
  66. in "Install from download" above).
  67. [1.3] Installation (continued):
  68. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. * Ensure the web-root / folder and all sub-folders (especially
  70. "users") have write permission for PHP, the code will save new
  71. threads in the same folder as the installation
  72. * Visit the site in your browser. If all is well, you should have
  73. an empty, but functional forum. If you're having problems you
  74. can ask for help on the forums: <forum.camendesign.com>
  75. NOTE: Please ensure ".htaccess" files are enabled on your web-server.
  76. For example XAMPP does not execute ".htaccess" files by deafult
  77. NOTE: If you run NoNonsense Forum in a sub-folder, any existing
  78. ".htaccess" rules from the web-root might 'leak' into the
  79. folder and prevent the forum from working correctly.
  80. It is recommended to use a sub-domain if you are not sure how
  81. to manually edit ".htaccess" rules
  82. Optional:
  83. * Copy the 'config.default.php' file to a 'config.php' file and
  84. customise the options within to your liking. Available options
  85. are explained within 'config.default.php'.
  86. You should leave the 'config.default.php' as-is to avoid
  87. conflicts with future updates
  88. [1.4] Updating NoNonsense Forum:
  89. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  90. Using GIT you can update NoNonsense Forum in-place without having to
  91. re-download and install it. From the command line / terminal, enter:
  92. (ensure that you are within the NoNonsense Forum installation folder)
  93. git pull origin master
  94. GIT will download and apply new features and fixes, without touching
  95. your configuration or existing threads. This will not work if you have
  96. modified any NoNonsense Forum files.
  97. Alternatively, download the latest version and unzip the contents.
  98. Copy everything within (ensuring you include the hidden ".htaccess"
  99. file) and paste these into your existing installation; your personal
  100. data will be left untouched, only the NNF files will be replaced.
  101. However, you should always back up your forum before upgrading or
  102. doing any changes.
  103. You should *always* check the HISTORY.txt file or change log before
  104. you update in case you are required to alter your configuration or be
  105. aware of the impact of some new feature.
  106. <github.com/Kroc/NoNonsenseForum/commits/master>
  107. [1.5] Running without HTAccess:
  108. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  109. NoNonsense Forum will automatically detect if the ".htaccess" file is
  110. missing or disabled and automatically switch to running without.
  111. HTAccess is used to provide "pretty" URLs, but also secure the "users"
  112. folder that contains the passwords, therefore in order to use NNF
  113. without HTAccess, you must relocate the "users" folder via the
  114. `FORUM_USERS` config option.
  115. You will automatically be provided with instructions on how to do this
  116. when NNF runs without HTAccess and the "users" folder is in its default,
  117. insecure location.
  118. [2] Customising:
  119. ========================================================================
  120. [2.1] 'config.php':
  121. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  122. The 'config.default.php' file contains default settings for the forum,
  123. make a copy of this file and name it 'config.php' -- DO NOT modify,
  124. delete or rename 'config.default.php' as it is still required.
  125. Modify your 'config.php' to your liking, the settings are explained
  126. within.
  127. [2.2] 'theme.config.php':
  128. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  129. The `FORUM_THEME` option in 'config.php' (default: "greyscale"), refers
  130. to the name of the theme in the 'themes' folder. Inside the theme is a
  131. 'theme.config.default.php' file; make a copy of this file and rename to
  132. 'theme.config.php'.
  133. Modify your 'theme.config.php' to your liking, the settings are
  134. explained within.
  135. DO NOT modify, delete or rename 'theme.config.default.php' as it is
  136. still required.
  137. [2.3] Favicon, touch-icon and Metro tile
  138. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. The site will use '/favicon.default.ico' as the favicon and
  140. '/apple-touch-icon.deafult.png' for iOS home-screen icons by default,
  141. just provide your own 'favicon.ico' and 'apple-touch-icon.png' files
  142. to override. Each theme will have examples you can use in the theme
  143. folder, just copy those to webroot to use.
  144. Windows 8's Start Screen supports a custom icon when you pin a site to
  145. the Start Screen. '/metro-tile.default.png' is used by default, but you
  146. can override by providing your own 'metro-tile.png' file.
  147. Your image must be 144x144px, must have a transparent background,
  148. and the logo should fill the entire space, since Windows 8 already has
  149. padding around the image.
  150. NOTE: due to a bug in Windows 8, the 'metro-tile.png' file *must* be
  151. a 32-bit PNG, and not 8-bit indexed (256-colour).
  152. You can change the colour of the Metro tile by changing the
  153. `METRO_COLOUR` setting in your theme config.
  154. [2.4] Adding a forum introduction ('about.html'):
  155. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  156. You can add a custom message to the top of the forum index / sub-forum
  157. index pages by creating an 'about.html' file in the folder and
  158. populating it with HTML code.
  159. This feature is primarily designed for you to add a description at the
  160. top of each forum to tell visitors what the forum is used for, rules
  161. etc., but since any HTML can be used you can add whatever you want --
  162. social buttons, links, images and so forth.
  163. If you are using translations, then you can also provide translations
  164. of 'about.html' to match by creating 'about_xx.html' files, where 'xx'
  165. is the language code of the translation; see section 3 for information
  166. about using and providing theme translations.
  167. [2.5] Custom CSS:
  168. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  169. Within the theme folder (that is where 'theme.css' is for the chosen
  170. theme) create a 'custom.css' file and it will be automatically included.
  171. [3] Translations:
  172. ========================================================================
  173. NoNonsense Froum themes can provide user-selectable translations.
  174. Translation files are stored as 'lang.xx.php' files in the theme's
  175. folder (where 'xx' is the language code). Refer to 'lang.example.php'
  176. in the 'greyscale' theme folder for full instructions on creating and
  177. enabling theme translations.
  178. Once a translation is provided and enabled, visitors to the site can
  179. select their preferred language, and if their browser specifies their
  180. language and that translation is available, it will be selected
  181. automatically for them.
  182. The user's choice of language is persisted with a cookie.
  183. A privacy policy is included to explain this.