Build system to package for the Laborejo Software Suite. No code changes to calfbox. Please do all issues and pull requests upstream.
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Build system to package for the Laborejo Software Suite.

Calfbox is a C library that does the heavy lifting for real time midi sequencing and loading various sampler formats, like sf2 and sfz. It is the basis for most LSS programs.

This is just a packaging release. There are no code changes to calfbox itself. Please do all cbox issues and pull requests upstream.

Download a release tarball

Most likely you want to run LSS software and need this lib as dependency. Go to and look for the latest release tarball. There is an archive, a sha256sum and a GPG signature. Direct links to the current release:

For packagers and news aggregators:

We don't use the gitea release feature, but still tag the releases:

Compile the library

meson build
cd build
meson compile

One can also do

  • meson build --buildtype=debug for a debug build.
  • meson build --prefix=/usr to change from default /usr/local

Test without installation

cd tests


cd build
sudo meson install

You maybe need to run ldconfig after installing manually.


cd build
sudo ninja uninstall

Don't forget to call ldconfig if you do a manual uninstall.