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  Nils 42d06b0e92 Repository has moved to NSM 9 months ago
  Nils e756c6b177 update copyright and clean up repository 9 months ago
  Nils 0b5ffc8a5a Change all occurences of argodejo to agordejo 1 year ago
  Nils 61a31239c6 Correct NSM stop signal. There was a rejected pull request message in there 1 year ago
  Nils ae52bb9d9d Add comment/hack to find the minimal example clients in Argodejo for development 1 year ago
  Nils dbd6637925 Add mentions and links to new session manager 1 year ago
  Nils e322210a1e fix the fix 1 year ago
  Nils f2250e2ea3 fix another error output 1 year ago
  Nils 2cd99934cd better logging 1 year ago
  Nils 32c0b92f80 Wrong logging level is no reason to crash 1 year ago
  Nils e871c24b61 describe high level control flow 1 year ago
  Nils b5832b8172 minimal changes to save status. only send if supported 1 year ago
  Nils e1d3c9e437 inform users that there are no versions 1 year ago
  Nils d59d6ee278 inform users that there are no versions 1 year ago
  Nils cf706980aa callback for session is loaded 1 year ago
  Nils 4332c917fd our osc url is now available. reflect in readme 1 year ago
  Nils cef8023139 Fix URL prasing 1 year ago
  Nils f68a8e9fa6 give example minimal clients proper names 1 year ago
  Nils 2ea371ab8e Make own osc url available, e.g. for broadcasts 1 year ago
  Nils b169f8cd88 Baseclient gets actual parameters not *args 1 year ago
  Nils d1a1edf348 Better logger output 1 year ago
  Nils 9a3822a24e readme 1 year ago
  Nils 9f27d71204 Support for broadcasts. Clients can give optional callbackFunction. 1 year ago
  Nils ddf8449c62 Update version and license in all files to 2.1 and MIT. Add two new client test files and a bash hack 1 year ago
  Nils 578ecfaba5 Document all functions in the README 1 year ago
  Nils e6ef3c4ba2 Add changeLabel function for NSM-GUI and fix a corner case 1 year ago
  Nils d1499298f8 Change license to MIT 2 years ago
  Nils de8112ee1f Code formattig and make sure dir exist when saving 2 years ago
  Nils 0e4b6f9525 Add serverSendSaveToSelf functionality for a clean Ctrl+S muscle memory shortcut in client applications 2 years ago
  Nils b4b06003e4 Add recommendation and warning to importResource docstring 2 years ago
  Nils de877f7c18 Various small fixes, mostly typos 2 years ago
  Nils 6ca07f9c4a Change version to 2.1 3 years ago
  Nils a3ae2d582b Make it more clear 3 years ago
  Nils 7efb519d6e mention debugResetDataAndExit in the README 3 years ago
  Nils ea1faf02f6 Enhance linking and add debug method to reset session dir. 3 years ago
  Nils f6eb3e425f typos 3 years ago
  Nils 55552bfa0c mention importResource in the readme 3 years ago
  Nils c687a5fc1e Create importResource convenient function that loads resource file or directory and links it into the session dir 3 years ago
  Nils 1ce58191be remember visibility so it can be looked up by the client 3 years ago
  Nils 411de83f9b Update copyright header 3 years ago
  Nils 8959e44b3c Set logging level to error by default 3 years ago
  Nils a44485d894 Explain gui HIDE/SHOW in more detail 3 years ago
  diovudau 18729491e2
Update README.md 3 years ago
  Nils Hilbricht 09d7baa9f3 Merge pull request #3 from ViktorNova/master 4 years ago
  ViktorNova f540a8a04f Fixed a few mistakes 4 years ago
  Nils Hilbricht 30b717e23c Merge pull request #2 from ViktorNova/master 4 years ago
  Nils Hilbricht 948dd57f56 Update exampleBoilerplate.py 4 years ago
  Viktor Nova 6ac221a798 Cleaned up imports 4 years ago
  Viktor Nova ded4d4203b Readme now includes boilerplate & GUI references 4 years ago
  ViktorNova 2193ae433f Added boilerplate code for save status 4 years ago