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Nils e756c6b177 update copyright and clean up repository 2 years ago
Nils dbd6637925 Add mentions and links to new session manager 3 years ago
Nils ddf8449c62 Update version and license in all files to 2.1 and MIT. Add two new client test files and a bash hack 3 years ago
Nils d1499298f8 Change license to MIT 4 years ago
Nils 411de83f9b Update copyright header 5 years ago
ViktorNova f540a8a04f Fixed a few mistakes 6 years ago
Nils Hilbricht 948dd57f56 Update exampleBoilerplate.py 6 years ago
Viktor Nova 6ac221a798 Cleaned up imports 6 years ago
ViktorNova 2193ae433f Added boilerplate code for save status 6 years ago
ViktorNova 51336f88e2 New simplified boilerplate program which fully utilizes pynsm2 6 years ago