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  Nils 98a1312fd1 update cbox 1 month ago
  Nils af459b6142 gitignore 2 months ago
  Nils 732309e96b add missing newline in documentation index 2 months ago
  Nils facdf32fb4 new qt toggle button widget and one more calfbox debug print 2 months ago
  Nils 7093af76fe gitignore 2 months ago
  Nils f2ebdff5c2 fix rare hostname lookup crash where case sensitivity is important 2 months ago
  Nils 1b907ada20 update template 7 months ago
  Nils 53670c84a8 update template 7 months ago
  Nils 91331d18cb support for patroneo groups 7 months ago
  Nils 322a3db287 screenshot in readme 8 months ago
  Nils 5d993f0915 Explicitely use python3 in makefile 8 months ago
  Nils 3d16cfd19f update template 8 months ago
  Nils 517ca91066 Adopt readme to new buildsystem 8 months ago
  Nils a098136e09 Remove hardcoded patroneo from makefile 8 months ago
  Nils eb68b99d51 symlinks for the two starter files 8 months ago
  Nils 4a09a6493b replace nuitka with python builtin zipapp, removing one unreliable dependency 8 months ago
  Nils fef6f5bf25 update template 9 months ago
  Nils 918943f837 reimplement hover numpad shortcuts ourselves 9 months ago
  Nils d80edb1ffd load zoom factor from save file on startup 9 months ago
  Nils e40154fe78 protect against missing jack clients during undo. also code format 1 year ago
  Nils 8aa6469d96 add useful links to the manuals index page 1 year ago
  Nils 19fc660ea4 wip for sf2 jack midi in ports 1 year ago
  Nils 436693bf6a change argodejo to agordejo 1 year ago
  Nils b9ebfc7c5e Whitespace 1 year ago
  Nils 5f79015e23 Move eventloop to its own file 1 year ago
  Nils 879b9b5cc3 increase timer. CPU will go up until fixed, but at least it works 1 year ago
  Nils 91157d17bf Remove unused flowlayout.py 1 year ago
  Nils c0b976fd6d import qstylefactory 1 year ago
  Nils 176f1edf0e Set style 1 year ago
  Nils fcec995718 Add submenu parameter to only have cancel 1 year ago
  Nils ae9b8309c0 Start-path for session chooser is now the dir in the text field 1 year ago
  Nils fbddb467ec update template 1 year ago
  Nils 15342b1d49 add very slow event loop 1 year ago
  Nils 9a2552c5c2 add icon generator function 1 year ago
  Nils a7a1e1bb68 Start newly added applications hidden under session management. Aftewards they save their visibility status 1 year ago
  Nils 9fc49d117e update template 1 year ago
  Nils 6a62fe121c Rename About to 'About and Tips' 1 year ago
  Nils d1670f679d Install faulthandler for QT bugs, set thread name to program name 1 year ago
  Nils 6e84337d4f set qt metdata 1 year ago
  Nils 104b7ef6cc install desktop files according to strict xdg specs 1 year ago
  Nils 41bb464523
drop obsolete translation strings 1 year ago
  Nils 5321bc1707 update pynsmclient 1 year ago
  Nils 6d84a39591 new-session-manager rebranding for the template part 1 year ago
  Nils 90aac14f68 fix the fix 1 year ago
  Nils ebe3319018 nsmclient fix log output 1 year ago
  Nils bc53b43529 fix example function that gets never called 1 year ago
  Nils 5de6c692fb Better logging in nsmclient 1 year ago
  Nils d432a70773 replace old warning module with new logger warning 1 year ago
  Nils 986bb915c9 fix variable names to print when assertion goes wrong 1 year ago
  Nils 4ee49a930a Fix typo in logger warning 1 year ago