101 Commits (28241868ba691bc9d00c15b3b129542286fb787d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nils 28241868ba Prepare hopefully release in july in changelog 1 year ago
  Nils 06cb38ff36 Add session context menu to unused areas of the full view tab for shorter mouse distances 1 year ago
  Nils 4939a44ffb Also set pthread name in startup, for what it is worth 1 year ago
  Nils ace8096dd5 Set more qt metadata 1 year ago
  Nils 0782b2a597 remove copy/paste typo 1 year ago
  Nils 7c3907eacb install desktop file under correct name with reverse domain 1 year ago
  Nils 1343ae3810 engine resources into the makefile 1 year ago
  Nils 19a204d9ca Overhaul programfinder. More reliable, faster, gives feedback 1 year ago
  Nils 7f74a525f6 Fix startup when connecting to a running nsmd. Session path was switch with its name, which is the same when starting our own server 1 year ago
  Nils e068d6ee31 skip badly formatted desktop files 1 year ago
  Nils 3e858096f9 remove log info for fallback icon searchpath because that is too new for debian pyqt 1 year ago
  Nils 8122034618 Try to make sure program icons get found 1 year ago
  Nils cd5f7c6681 restore compatibility with current nsmd release 1 year ago
  Nils 0aeab7a49b add extra IF again for current nsm release 1 year ago
  Nils 3e8b0a3132 More icon search paths 1 year ago
  Nils a52af9a38d add grep to readme as dependency 1 year ago
  Nils 013daaed1c remove exception for Client Launched with the new streamlined nsmd message 1 year ago
  Nils 6f4e533bec change list sessions stop signal to upcoming new-sm git master. This will break the program for now if you don't compiled nsm from source! 1 year ago
  Nils 4015ae6f52 Remove GUI lock until nsmd is fixed 1 year ago
  Nils 288299aad2 remove redundant exit call 1 year ago
  Nils cedb58c0d2 Remove GUI lock until nsmd is fixed 1 year ago
  Nils f51b87db27 Fix crash when clicking load without a session selected 1 year ago
  Nils 868a3a2d4c Skip faulty desktop files when updating program database 1 year ago
  Nils dd51833f09 Try to make sure our color scheme is actually used 1 year ago
  Nils 2389a2a5af lol, we don't even need qtgui here 1 year ago
  Nils 480a203fe1 fix fix 1 year ago
  Nils aca4948bd6 Forgot qtgui import 1 year ago
  Nils c5cb50c25d right order of desktop settings again 1 year ago
  Nils 06ee369fff Mild logging for settings.py 1 year ago
  Nils f2ea774ca2
Install faulthandler in the hope of catching more Qt segfaults 1 year ago
  Nils 7b64badeec Update documentation and info files 1 year ago
  Nils b793e6608d
Add mentions and links to new session manager 1 year ago
  Nils 4b2f73a7bc Extend LICENSE file with clear intentions and information about files without headers. Everything here is free and open source, except the branding 1 year ago
  Nils 1d78cb5a7c fix log 1 year ago
  Nils 600790e0d0 Add documentation and desktop starter for new hidden/continue mode 1 year ago
  Nils f4854a1ea7 Redesign hidden start: Now it is a command line option that can be combined with the new 'continue last session' one 1 year ago
  Nils f36c6063cf Properly reset quick session controller after switching session 1 year ago
  Nils 54816758b7 Better description for duplicate 1 year ago
  Nils 2c01349db0 better handling of not-nsm clients where the command does not exist 1 year ago
  Nils a0e9692635 German translation for settings-dialog 1 year ago
  Nils 8e5f97aa86 fix idiotic path check 1 year ago
  Nils fd11e1b662 Add settings dialog with option to add custom executable paths and a white- and blacklist for the program launcher. This should make custom scenarios much easier without compromising the 'everything must be in the PATH' rule 1 year ago
  Nils 151e2056c9 Add short help text and manpage for nsm-data 1 year ago
  Nils cfd2712039 makefile now builds nsm-data 1 year ago
  Nils 5211a2ed0c extra check for absolute paths 1 year ago
  Nils ab58f13604 Add German translations from designer-based windows and widgets 1 year ago
  Nils 77ff7f7874 Correct resource path for languages 1 year ago
  Nils 20d6f80316 Comment out share/ in Makefile, as we currently have no files there 1 year ago
  Nils dd766d68a8 Small documentation updates 1 year ago
  Nils 1b1027fdf9 Add German translation 1 year ago