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  Nils e5fc4f6b9e Update documentation and info files 2 months ago
  Nils ae8f7ab2ce Update documentation and info files 2 months ago
  Nils fdf2ee9f71 leftover files 2 months ago
  Nils a6db2211d8 Update documentation and info files 2 months ago
  Nils bdc6bf50fa Update documentation and info files 2 months ago
  Nils 2cfe68bba3 new screenshot 2 months ago
  Nils b2ac13e907 Change engine version and CHANGELOG 2 months ago
  Nils f28069d9ab new qt toggle button widget and one more calfbox debug print 2 months ago
  Nils 89515ce2be Fix regression in multiplicator messages 2 months ago
  Nils 46d46a6d5d restore gitignore 2 months ago
  Nils e66b5cde6b fix rare hostname lookup crash where case sensitivity is important 2 months ago
  Nils 6d1943ab7c something is wrong with gitignore 2 months ago
  Nils 128b5d9644 remove mouswheel help message 2 months ago
  Nils 6c2f283f19 some cleanup and docstrings 2 months ago
  Nils 1ae824f564 Better undo for measures with mods 2 months ago
  Nils 77734b2042 Add checks to prevent a lot of redundant calls 2 months ago
  Nils b09058c6c7 Fix button shortcuts 2 months ago
  Nils 8414a18718 Update German translation 2 months ago
  Nils 0e0c6361c6 Add new track options to control step delay and augment behaviour to track context menu 2 months ago
  Nils abcdee905f Add workaround for jump to start shortcut 2 months ago
  Nils 3aada49048 Adjust measures sizes and positions so that 3 measure mods fit 2 months ago
  Nils 16771be7b0 more work on measure modifications. GUI labels are still off 2 months ago
  Nils e8fd18bf10 Prepare two new measure modifiers: step-delay and augment/diminish. Engine and save/load done but nothing in the GUI yet 2 months ago
  Nils c0c090e1c8 don't center on active tracks. disturbing 2 months ago
  Nils 8505135071 Switch to new track in the gui, after insert 2 months ago
  Nils dc62913e38 Adjust GUI group rectangle after number of measures changed 2 months ago
  Nils 6084a6529a clean up aborted vico integration 2 months ago
  Nils 284e14ed55 Work in progress. sorry for the mess 5 months ago
  Nils 2b5315460a streamline mousewheel behaviour in song editor 6 months ago
  Nils e98689ee1e remove empty lines from changelog 7 months ago
  Nils 2159560d8d Update documentation and info files 7 months ago
  Nils bf29176aaf make resources 7 months ago
  Nils f976ae4de5 fix regressions when running with --mute 7 months ago
  Nils 3604c4dfd9 remove regression that triggered api.setScale far too often 7 months ago
  Nils b24394e681 guard against a rare crash that happens when a qt widget tries to access a just deleted track, because the widget itself got deleted which triggered an out-of-focus-send-to-engine event 7 months ago
  Nils b59e224e8f update groups after deleting last track of a group 7 months ago
  Nils 1fa4a67324 Use german note names when German locale is used 7 months ago
  Nils bebb63c51f fix z-factor regression when ereasing switches by dragging the mouse 7 months ago
  Nils 2d4d3f2342 changelog 7 months ago
  Nils 6d8e727bca Use groups for empty project 7 months ago
  Nils 9d35556f1c move quit-if into template 7 months ago
  Nils 1efdaa3a27 Repair that arrow keys actually trigger a scale update 7 months ago
  Nils 181225e7c7 Adapt playhead in pattern view to the new, much longer, patterns. Option to follow playhead, better follow-scrolling. 7 months ago
  Nils cf1353f065 Don't provide shortcut Ctrl+Q for real quit when under NSM. The option still remains in the menu but Ctrl+Q was too easy to press 7 months ago
  Nils ecab0ee499 Prepare version number for april 7 months ago
  Nils 99777161d7 fix delete track regression 7 months ago
  Nils 4fc9fc7bcf fix playback cursor regression 7 months ago
  Nils d710ceaad6 note preview with groups 7 months ago
  Nils dcd06b5de6 Add groups to tracks. Access via context menu 7 months ago
  Nils f631ea4556 Add advanced feature for a global rhythm offset, meant for Jack-Transport. Allows the whole piece to begin later on the jack-timeline. 7 months ago