133 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Nils 80bc678a31 Flip the page earlier during live playback, showing the last measure (or so) twice 1 month ago
Nils f29e65fdb8 Don't focus on cursor after stretching. 1 month ago
Nils 5645afd4d9 Always show block labels in block mode 2 months ago
Nils 8bc5ef32c8 prepare release 2 months ago
Nils 27c7556f68 Mehr Wörter! 2 months ago
Nils 3e3bc39b3a Update German translation 2 months ago
Nils 2a51e47a09 Add context menu to move CC Blocks to start or end of a track 2 months ago
Nils d012ca9ed1 show first block name in track list widget 2 months ago
Nils 8599f74e41 New function to create a new empty block from an existing one, that has reserved duration same as the original one. 2 months ago
Nils b9765d3fbd Add SOLO functionality alongside the existing audible/mute layer. Control via shortcuts, track editor, or track list widget 2 months ago
Nils 1ea98e24da less centering on the cursor when moving blocks around 2 months ago
Nils 6aa365ab82 fix up-stem for beams position 2 months ago
Nils 3745847fca even better barline position 2 months ago
Nils f400533e90 truly remove metronome autoconnect when not under nsm 2 months ago
Nils a3464a505c Barlines more visible 2 months ago
Nils 80f6673f54 Block Mode: Fix invisible block labels and graphics when dragging blocks (adopting to unannounced Qt regressions once again) 2 months ago
Nils b2d14b624c Overhaul Key Signature GUI dialog to indicate Deviation better, instead of absolute accidentals. 2 months ago
Nils d1bcca9d83 docstring 2 months ago
Nils 9b71c68ae3 Fix crash when trying to edit a hidden track in the track editor 2 months ago
Nils 1092c5476f Fix crash when trying to edit a hidden track in the track editor 2 months ago
Nils 91092c9e2b prepare release 2 months ago
Nils bea5171f81 fix regression that cc points can't be moved anymore 3 months ago
Nils d7dfc11f13 Add function to duplicate more often than once. 3 months ago
Nils a5135c81fe Add Staccato and Tenuto to Lilypond output. 3 months ago
Nils 48c0379cf1 fix hidden track regression 3 months ago
Nils 4d1e5646a5 add initial area for signatures 3 months ago
Nils 8106dcf077 Add initial signature region in the GUI and in the engine for default sigs. Required graphical clef work and adjustments of the gui keysig 3 months ago
Nils a238b22dcc Fix double saving of the score and quadruple saving of each track! 3 months ago
Nils 07cd62279e add info label with order of blocks to track editor 3 months ago
Nils 358e5396c2 add 10 new tracks button 3 months ago
Nils 43b7a2eee7 add button with new track to track editor 3 months ago
Nils ff6cb42377 update noteheads and flags svg 3 months ago
Nils 214e26a84a overhaul svg items and positions 3 months ago
Nils 94b5b78f41 add unused menu for custom keysigs. WIP 3 months ago
Nils 847b612626 Drawing fixes 3 months ago
Nils f3441fb605 remove redundant help text from dialog 4 months ago
Nils a0af825e5e Add custom key signature command to build a free scale on any root 4 months ago
Nils 8a045e4201 Add track title and filter option to track list widget 4 months ago
Nils 3fe44c9119 Add new view that shows the current track as list of text items for easier navigation and overview 4 months ago
Nils 537dc8fa1c add multiplication buttons to tick widget 4 months ago
Nils e6555caa33 Add menu to add multi measure rest with a number 4 months ago
Nils ffa96d68ef Add two new functions to paste directly transposed (modal and real transposition) 4 months ago
Nils ed9c33188e add block and track name to statusbar 4 months ago
Nils fb32b793aa Add menu function to access block properties 4 months ago
Nils ef0f3a4ccd Add preview image to lilypond properties and metadata 4 months ago
Nils 48c073d49b change color of block labels according to background 4 months ago
Nils 6ac999b5f0 Change metronome to use good port names. New menu settings with option to autoconnect metronome on startup 4 months ago
Nils 231749f828 Add track number to status bar info. Also reformat 4 months ago
Nils add54cb8f5 remove nonfunctional assert 4 months ago
Nils 06b672a2d5 Always show the track name and index in block mode. Also add the track index to the track editor 4 months ago